The Great Nuit Blanche Scavenger Hunt: spot these 30 items | Toronto Life

The Great Nuit Blanche Scavenger Hunt: spot these 30 items

The Great Nuit Blanche Scavenger Hunt: spot these 30 items

Let’s face it, the annual all-nighter art fest isn’t for everyone—whether it’s the chilly weather, crowds or corporate sponsors, attendees can always find something to complain about. So to make Nuit Blanche a tad more fun, we created a scavenger hunt perfect for waiting out long line-ups. Below, a list of 30 items to check off throughout the night.

1. An exhibit that breaks down or suffers from technical difficulties
2. A photo blogger with a giant DSLR camera, external flash and tripod
3. An exhibit with more than 30 people in line
4. A coffee shop with more than 20 people in line
5. A bar or restaurant offering a Nuit Blanche special
6. A whiff of pot (One bonus point if it’s not on the U of T or Ryerson campuses)
7. An inebriated under-ager on an all-night subway
8. Someone getting into trouble with the police (One bonus point if it’s not in the entertainment district)
9. A news truck or reporter
10. Five people within a five-metre radius taking photos with their iPhones
11. Someone wearing sunglasses at night
12. A woman who unwisely decided to do Nuit Blanche in sky-high heels
13. A lost tourist (One bonus point for offering help)
14. A disgruntled TTC driver
15. An artist’s statement that uses one or more of the following words: media, isolation, voyeur, interactive, technology, futuristic, transforms, projection
16. An exhibit that’s virtually unnoticed by passersby
17. Children under 10 out past midnight
18. Overhearing someone compare Toronto’s Nuit Blanche to ones in such cities as St. Petersburg, Paris and Berlin
19. Someone single-handedly finishing a box of poutine from the Smoke’s Poutinerie truck at Yonge and Queen
20. Someone actually sleeping at the Philips Recharge Station at Bay and Adelaide
21. An actual art critic (Hint: head to the Speed Art Criticism exhibit at the Six String, near Queen and Roncey)
22. A celebrity lining up like regular folk
23. Performance art that you understand without reading the artist’s statement
24. An installation that’s sure to induce nightmares
25. A bike theft
26. An installation that transforms an urban space into something about nature
27. A pedestrian who’s almost hit by a car
28. A mayoral candidate (We’ll include Sarah Thomson in this)
29. Overhearing someone say Nuit Blanche was “so much better last year”
30. An installation that explores “personal space”

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(Images: Endgame by Max Streicher, OCAD by Angie Torres, sign by Dan Dickinson, skyline by derelictdream.com, photographer by Cameron Cassan, city hall by Chris Huggins.)