Some of the Your Sister’s Sister’s cast, and the Westons, were at Grey Goose Soho House | Toronto Life

Some of the Your Sister’s Sister’s cast, and the Westons, were at Grey Goose Soho House

Some of the Your Sister’s Sister’s cast, and the Westons, were at Grey Goose Soho House

Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt (Image: Alexandra Wyman)

For the third night in a row, Grey Goose Soho House proved to be a celebrity pit stop during TIFF 2011. Last night at the fete for Your Sister’s Sister, Emily Blunt wore a casual fuchsia dress as she hobnobbed with cast and crew. At the end of the party (she stayed for the whole thing, which we understand is not the norm), she was overheard saying, “But I don’t know how I’ll get home,” which is something we can relate to. It can be so hard finding your chauffeur after the party. Castmate Mark Duplass and director Lynn Shelton hung around longer into the evening as the party switched gears. Find out which celebrities came out to the party last night in our photo gallery after the jump.

After that party, the venue opened up its Late Night Lounge, where Soho House members trickled in amongst the celebrity set (we’ve noticed that celebs will come and go throughout the night, but most come back)—Ewan McGregor was seen arriving and leaving more than once. Olivia Wilde and her could-be boyfriend musician Bryn Mooser (he was engaged to Maria Bello in 2008) wore almost-matching black leather motorcycle jackets and stayed for much of the night— the two were inseparable, lounging on plush velvet couches and later mingling throughout the crowd. We also caught Mooser affectionately rubbing Wilde’s back on more than one occasion, but she was wearing a circle scarf and jacket indoors, so perhaps she was just chilly (it seemed like more than that to us). Wilde told us she felt Toronto is “a lot like a college town. You know, like Boston?” Well, parts of Good Will Hunting were shot here.

Most of the Martha Marcy May Marlene cast moved between the two main floors of the converted warehouse space, including M4 producer Josh Mond, who wondered where all the “hot Toronto girls” were. On a requisite smoke break, Mond gave an aggressive panhandler $10, stressing that “people inside are having a good time and these guys [doormen] don’t need to be bothered.” Ladies? Justin Bartha kept to himself for most of the evening, while director Paul Haggis was overheard being described as a constant smoker—we spotted him pop out to the designated outdoor smoking area (at Grey Goose Soho House’s big Saturday party, smoking happened indoors, much to the dismay of fire marshals everywhere) at least five times. NKPR owner Natasha Koifman arrived with the owner of the space that is temporarily Soho House, beau Charles Khabouth, Galen and Hilary Weston made an appearance after midnight, and TIFF 2011’s fastest rising star (and frequent partygoer) Brady Corbet (from Martha Marcy May Marlene and Melancholia) was spotted chatting up Soho House door staff for well over an hour and a half (he either really wanted a membership, was in love or found everyone else completely boring).