Who Torontonians are voting for, and why

Who Torontonians are voting for, and why

Who are Torontonians voting for? (Images: Giordano Ciampini)

Election day is October 19, and, if the advance polls are to believed, the final tally will be close. As the three party leaders make their final attempts to curry favour with GTA voters—Harper in Etobicoke, Trudeau in the Beach and Mulcair in Oshawa—here’s our own unscientific poll of people at both ends of Toronto’s north-south shopping mall axis: the Eaton Centre and Yorkdale.

Eaton Centre:
(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Andrea Spender, 39, PhD student in policy studies

“Liberals. I was on the fence with the NDP, but for the women’s issues debate, Trudeau was the only one to commit. I applaud Trudeau’s willingness to engage.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Denis Doyle, mayor of Frontenac Islands, Ontario

“I’m currently undecided. The most important issue to me is getting infrastructure funding from the federal government. I think I’m more inclined toward the Liberals.”

(Image: Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Zian Nowosad, 60, retired

“NDP, always. I agree with their stances on health care, education and social issues. Libs would be my second choice. Conservatives, never in a thousand years.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Diane Wallace, 52, public health worker

“NDP, because I loathe Stephen Harper. I do like Trudeau, and if I were voting strategically I’d vote for him, but I can’t do that.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Esme Lei, 23, graphic design student

“Right now, it’s between the Liberals or the NDP. I’m watching videos on YouTube to learn more about their platforms. I’m not voting for the Conservatives. At least what the Liberals and NDP are saying about jobs and legalization of marijuana is promising.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Jah-melle Pinnock, 19, HVAC student

“Right now, no one. No one’s really appealed to me yet. I already threw my voter card in the garbage. As a student, I feel voting affects older people more and affects us less.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Travis Dunning, 32, banker

“Not sure yet, but I’m leaning towards the Liberals. I voted for the Conservatives last time, but they have no chance in my riding, so it’s a waste to vote for them. Also, some of their policies, like banning the niqab and Harper’s comments about marijuana, stray from what I related to in the past.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Veronica Lopez, 33, social worker

“I’m voting Liberal, because I pay too much in taxes and the Conservatives don’t care for the middle class. I voted for the NDP last time, but won’t this election because they won’t win and I’m tired of the Conservatives.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Vipin Bery, 69, retired

“I have always voted for the Liberals because they represent true Canadian values like fairness, inclusiveness, and diversity. It’s time for a change from the Conservatives. The NDP have some good polices, but I’m not ready to switch.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Emanuel Yakobov, 20, alternative care student

“Stephen Harper. I come from Israel and he’s been the only one who supports them. And I think he’s done a good job as PM.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Germain Noel, 62, general labourer

“Conservative. If the Liberals or the NDP get in they’ll mess it up and raise taxes like Chrétien did.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

GG Henny, 26, hairstyle and cosmetology student

“Justin. I voted NDP last time, but we need something fresh, and legalizing marijuana is necessary and one of my strongest political opinions.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Ivan Bonilla, 30, construction worker

“Justin. First, the taxes. Second, legalizing marijuana. Right now that’s all I have on my mind.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Shane Waters, 26, assistant manager at Johnston & Murphy

“I’m undecided. I normally vote Conservative, but I don’t necessarily agree with their direction. I met Harper before. He doesn’t care about young people and doesn’t support the middle class. I’ll never vote for the NDP, but I might vote for the Liberals for the first time this election.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Steve MacEachern, 52, graphic designer

“I always vote Green. Without the environment, nothing else matters. All the other parties focus on the economy, but the planet can’t support constant economic growth.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Mac Hundal, 30, customer service representative

“Undecided. I’m a last-minute kind of guy. I usually go Liberal, but this year I don’t know, no one’s sold me. I want to vote for a party that delivers better infrastructure, fights homelessness, reduces traffic, and makes Toronto a more affordable place to live.”

(Giordano Ciampini) (Image: Giordano Ciampini)

Josh Garbe, 38, musician

“I’m voting for no party. They’re all corrupt. Nobody cares about privacy and liberty. The Conservatives passed C-51 and the Liberals supported it. I think it’s all set up and Trudeau will win.”

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