Justin Trudeau’s Caribbean vacation didn’t produce even one new shirtless photo

Justin Trudeau’s Caribbean vacation didn’t produce even one new shirtless photo

Justin Trudeau in Nevis

Canada’s boyfriend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, took the wife and kids for a holiday vacation on the island of Nevis at some point shortly after Christmas. We know this only because the PM left the usual trail of smiling cellphone portraits in his wake.

Nevis’s Paradise Beach Resort, a fancy beachside getaway that advertises its concierge services and in-house spa treatments, updated its Facebook page yesterday with a few scant details of the Trudeau family’s semi-secretive getaway. “Security was incredibly tight,” the Facebook page says. “His visit was kept hush hush, so most people didn’t realize the Canadian PM and his family were staying with us. The resort didn’t peep a word so most people were unaware of who it was.”

TMZ says that the Trudeau family stayed in a 3,400-square-foot villa—probably one like this, with four bedrooms, a private pool and an open-air shower. The Ottawa Citizen reports that Trudeau, who can’t fly commercial because of government security restrictions, took a Challenger jet operated by the Department of National Defence, at a cost of about $10,000 per flight hour. (Trudeau says he’ll reimburse taxpayers the equivalent of economy airfare, just like Stephen Harper often did.)

As for what he did while he was there, all we know is this: he stayed with friends (including, according to the Citizen, Levi’s president James Curleigh), he spent a lot of time in his villa, and he made time to meet with the island’s prime minister because why not? What he didn’t do is take off his shirt while there were cameras around, which honestly is probably for the best. Update: We stand corrected.

Here are a few more pictures of the trip:

Justin Trudeau in Nevis (Image: Paradise Beach Nevis/Facebook)

Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, and Xavier and Ella-Grace Trudeau pose with Paradise Beach general manager Steven Tyson.

(Image: Paradise Beach Nevis/Facebook) (Image: Paradise Beach Nevis/Facebook)

Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire with staff at Paradise Beach Nevis.

(Image: Paradise Beach Nevis/Facebook) (Image: Paradise Beach Nevis/Facebook)

The resort posted this note to Facebook after the Trudeau family left the island.

(Image: Sunshine's Beach Lounge/Facebook) (Image: Sunshine’s Beach Lounge/Facebook)

Trudeau posed with the owner of Sunshine’s Beach Lounge, which is apparently the place to go if you’re a celebrity and you want bar food in Nevis.