Five things you didn’t know about Will Arnett, including his favourite thing to do in Toronto

Five things you didn’t know about Will Arnett, including his favourite thing to do in Toronto

Five Things You Didn't Know About Will Arnett of Arrested Development and The Millers (Image: Getty Images)

1 | He was Lakefield College School’s resident badass
“I used to get caught smoking in the woods, and they would make me stay late at the beginning of Christmas break and chop wood right where the buses came to pick everybody else up. Honestly, I wish I could go back to high school now that I’m a non-smoker—I quit six months ago.”

2 | He’s a terrible talent spotter
“Back in the ’80s, I was in a comedy writing class with Mark McKinney. He told me, ‘I’m in this troupe; you should come see us.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, good luck with that, guy.’ The group was Kids in the Hall. Then, when I first moved to New York, my neighbour’s friend was this bald-headed guy who said, ‘Oh, I’m a DJ, and I’m performing at this bar tonight.’ It sounded boring, so I was like, ‘I’m good.’ It was Moby. I’m shockingly dumb.”

3 | He’s a card-carrying member of Leafs Nation
“I watched every single Leafs game last season. When I lived in Toronto, my favourite thing to do was drop by Ramsden Park and play shinny. That’s not as easy to do in California.”

4 | He’s sick of hearing about how image-obsessed actors are
“A friend of mine from Toronto said to me: ‘Man, you actors are so vain.’ I went off on her like, ‘Yeah, because we get judged on how we look—all the time. Have you been on the Internet lately? Not all of us have the luxury of walking around like a fat slob. I’d love to!’ ”

5 | He took on his role as a divorced guy in The Millers just after his own divorce from Amy Poehler
“I knew people were going to read a lot into the divorce thing, but I wanted to do the show in spite of that. Maybe one day I’ll see an analyst who will tell me why I chose to do this show right now, but for the moment I’m blissfully ignorant.”


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